Projects For The Future

4 New Industry Areas for Eskişehir

In Eskişehir, after ceramic, rail systems and the aviation clusters which were pioneered by Industry Association, automotive, rail systems, logistic specialty OIZs and Defense, Aviation Industry Area will be carried out. Sewage of the 4th area will be undertaken by Eskişehir OIZ. Eskişehir aims to step forward in value addition with its 4 new Industry Area three of which are specialty Industry areas. OIZ, with the conduction of ECI to ceramic, rail systems and aviation clusters’, pioneered to foundation of these thorough the strategic plan that is prepared for Eskişehir’s strong industry aspects.  Now, it is planning to carry out the Specialty OIZs that will make a great support to sectors growing.

Except for today’s existed EOIZ, areas that is in the borders of İmişehir-Kalkanlı where is on the Eskişehir- Ankara road, are parted. One of them for automotive and the other is for aviation and defense industry. Seeing today’s OIZ as the first campus, in the İmişehir-Kalkanlı area so exactly on the Ankara road, one of the the two areas, which are 6 km away from the first campus, is determined as the automotive industry specialty area. 4.8 million m² of  this 10 million m² area’s will be assigned as the automotive industry area. Constructions are continuing in this place. Also, it is being planned that if big companies that are making big productions would come to this place, other small industries can be settled around them.

The opposite of the automotive industry area, where is an area that is 5.1 million m², is determined as the aviation and defense industry area. The works about this area is talked with the ministries for now. The most important reason of determining here as the industry area is to encourage companies to invest on defense and aviation industry that needs so much cost. In this way, the strong aviation sector in Eskişehir will grow. Eskişehir is an attractive place because of its human resources for this kind of invests. But the sectors which make our country’s and our city’s industry more powerful like aviation, needs so much support and cost . The most important way of doing this is the specialty areas. For this ministry agreement is needed and works are going on this matter. The target is to make our city obtain an area like this. 


Logistic Town

The other areas where determined by EOIZ are for rail systems and logistic sector and these areas are by the Eskişehir- Ankara railway. Mentioned 2 new areas will be settled nearby Hasanbey Logistic Town. TCDD is constructing a logistic town on a part about 250000 m² of an area that previously determined as the OIZ. It is planned with that logistic town that the manual train way station which is operated now by TCDD is to move from the city center to this area. Also it aims to serve the modern logistic facilities that don’t exist now.

In the OIZ, a logistic specialty 
OIZ will be built to transport the materials in the aviation, defense, automotive and present campus areas. It is being planned to give 2 kind of service in the OIZ. One of them will be that storing the materials in here for a specific time and then transport these to where needed. According to OIZ laws, reservation areas for storing are limited, but with the logistic specialty OIZ this problem will be solved. Because of logistic OIZ is only aims this, there will be no limitation. Except for railway and highway links, there will be storing areas and railway’s diner and container maintenance will be exist in the logistic specialty OIZ.

Railways will also be used

On the opposite of the logistic specialty 
OIZ, rail systems specialty OIZ will exist. An area about 2 million m² in the north of Logistic OIZ will be a region that will give service for railway systems sector. Sewage systems of these will be constructed by available OIZ. The aim in here is to make these kind of sectors to develop and improve by using railways.

Eskişehir OIZ Undertakes The Sewage System of The Regions

Eskişehir OIZ will undertake the sewage system of the 4 regions that will be founded and sewage construction costs. At the same time, Eskişehir 
OIZ will provide the services such as field supply and sale. Costs of 4 regions’ plots will be determined after expropriation works and prices will not be too high. It is aimed to found appealing regions for investors. On the other hand, all regions will have their own sewage system. Sewage systems will be founded according to the needs.

ESOGÜ Eskişehir Profession High School Has Started To Give Education

ESOGÜ Eskişehir Profession High School that is founded by the corporation of EOIZ and Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) has opened to service. Education schedule and course context of the school that was constructed by E
OIZ Administration are planned to supply the human power that industry people need. As its field of 1290 m² is indoor place, in the school that is founded on a field of 1.350 m² in total, in 4 domains education will be given including electricity and machine department, mekatronic and environment departments that are the prominent departments of the last years. In school construction, there will be 8 classrooms, 4 laboratories, lecturer rooms, administration offices, library, internet saloon, mess hall and canteen with other assistant units. The investment that is showed as an example to university-industry corporation has cost for 2.000.000 TL.