Natural Gas Power Plant

Eskişehir Industrial Energy Autoproduction and Trade Group


With the leadership of the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and the partnership of the 227 firms located in the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone "Eskişehir Industrial Energy Autoproduction and Trade Group (EEE AŞ.) has been established to provide the industrialists quality and uninterrupted energy, maintain the enterprises' regularly production thus increasing productivity, maintain the regions attraction as an investment center .

After the the initial stroke of the facility with a capacity of 270 million KW/year in February 1998 followed by the construction phase which consisted of a mere 7 months the facility has come into force with the participation of our former President Süleyman Demirel on 9 August 1998.The capacity of the first unit is 37 MW. Steam Turbine with a capacity of 18.5 MW has been a part of the power plant since 2001.This part is producing 135 Million kwh energy per year.

By estabishing the Steam Turbine the total capacity of the power plant has increased to 400 Million kwh per year.

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